Thank you Mr. Macias
by Robert Schultz Woodsboro
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Dear Editor:

I enjoy reading the opinions of others, especially those whose are different than mine.

While some letters appear to pass judgment keep in mind the opinion page is just that – an opinion.

So I ask Mr. Macias – save his bible thumping for another time. I for one am not impressed.

I am more impressed with folks who live out their beliefs through their actions especially those who do acts of kindness and good works while shying away from the attention.

The bible is not a buffet table where you pick and choose what you want to accept and use for your personal gain or to win an argument.

It’s much bigger and broader then one text taken from your bible buffet.

I do want to thank Mr. Macias for his opinions. Through his letters we are able to get a crystal clear picture of what’s wrong with America.

He exemplifies the art of winning at all cost and blaming others for our failures.

Seriously, it cannot all be George Bush’s fault.

The day he can cast a light on the Democratic Party’s failures is the day I start taking him seriously.

This also applies to the Republican Party. Both political parties have taken off either to the far right or the far left.

I think most of us live somewhere in-between.

Mr. Macias wants to bring Washington type political uproar to Refugio County where nothing gets done and finger pointing is the norm.

Where party unity is more important than the folks they claim to represent, using glitches in rules and regulations to punish those who won’t bow down and worship the Democratic Party.

Lastly, Mr. Macias grows one heck of a garden. He does it without using chemicals. Manure is a great fertilizer.

As an experiment I cut out his letters to the editor and placed them in the soil next to my tomato plant.

Needless to say it took off.

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