‘Republican rebels without a cause’
by Arnold Macias Bayside
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The costly non-conservative Republicans did have intentions to create a higher federal deficit. Radical Republicans, Blake Farenthold, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and John Boehner already know they cannot change “Obamacare” because it is the law and President Obama’s plan to support federal courts mandate ruling on Obamacare.

Let’s analyze the costly stopping and starting the government by calculating the price for taxpayers will suffer: 1) $300 million per day, $1.6 billion per week; 2) unemployment applications; 3) economy and stocks fall because of unemployment; 4) border patrol, protecting and securing our national borders; 5) women and children who need food medical supplies (WIC program); 6) school children lunch; 7) center for disease control; 8) no vaccine for children or adults during flu-season; 9) the national parks service, closed for war veterans who fought for our country; 10) 800,000 people on furlough.

There is absolutely no way to save money. Why do Republicans call themselves conservatives? The federal debt is $16 trillion, and Republicans are determined to increase the federal spending.

There is absolutely no way to save money. Any professional businessman, a banker or person who is in the banking industry in Refugio County can calculate. For example: Multiply 5 percent interest compounded daily, weekly or monthly, accrued interest will grow!

Satan has already found Republicans “weakest-walk with God.” Satan has already found “free-rental-space” inside of Republicans’ heads. Jesus Christ was a rebel with a good cause, when he “scolded the publicans and pharisees.” Read Matt. 23:13-18, Woe to you pharisees teachers of the law! Jesus rejected the pharisees. Today, we have “rebel Republicans without cause.” They “prop-up” what Jesus has rejected!

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