Renew, refresh your spirit daily
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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If you’d like to clear a room out at my house, just use words like work, clean, vacuum or dust. I have only seen my kids move faster when I say swim.

Sadly, there is nothing I like more than a freshly-mowed lawn, a clean floor, dusted furniture and just things put in their places. It tends to soothe my soul, much like a green lawn or pasture.

Now, hear me on this, I said I “like” them. I didn’t say I “had” them. I get tired when there are three against one in taking care of the house.

Yes, I am the boss, and, yes, I am in charge, but they tend to gang up on me sometimes. One was sick the other day, so I was caring for her while her brothers ran amuck in their end of the house. By the “forts” and Christmas lights strung in their rooms, they must have had a really good time!

Earlier in the week, we headed up to Dallas and on the way up we took the quick route that involved toll roads with 80 mph-plus speed limits. The 5 1/2-hour trip according to the map feature on my iPad took me over seven hours and I didn’t stop for gas or breaks of any kind.

I got caught up in bumper-to-bumper traffic just south of Waco, where an accident had occurred. I took the time out to pray for the rescue people, the victims and anyone else that might be affected by the situation and road on past.

Add construction and my trip was a longer drive. Returning home, I took backroads which involved the countryside with trees, pastures and small towns. We did stop once for gas midway, but I have to say the return trip was much more relaxing and enjoyable.

I say all of this to mention that when life goes as we expect it, or the way we are familiar with, we are fine and happy and all seems right in our world. When we hit the bumps in the roads, or the “forts” come out destroying the pleasant view, we get a bit out of sorts. My children did their usual eye-rolling, moaning, groaning and attempts to slip in to watch television, but I kept re-directing their paths back to the tasks at hand. One said, “It’s going to take “for long!’ ” I reminded them that it would take as long to clean it up as it did to mess it up, however, that is not always the case in life.

We keep hitting the same snags and cry out to God about the circumstances we face. “Why, God?” I am not going to say I know why, but I do know that stuff happens. Sometimes it is for our benefit to get straightened out. Sometimes it is for someone further on down our road. Whatever we face, we have a loving God who walks with us every step of the way.

I have been going through my grandfather’s poetry lately and I want to share this - “When teardrops fall from your eyes, they’re very pained and sore. There’s no relief, thus it seems; closed is every single door. But then He comes, the Prince of Peace, to meet life’s every common need. To give us faith, increase our hopes, and all His love in fertile seeds.”

The Psalmist says it like this: “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.” (Psalm 62:5)

Take a few minutes to renew, refresh, and revive your spirit each day. I know it helps me.
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