Don Tymrak hired as KC city manager
by Bain Serna
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Don Tymrak
Don Tymrak
KARNES CITY – At a special meeting of the Karnes City City Council held on April 11, Don Tymrak resigned as mayor and was hired by the city to be the new city manager.

The position had been previously held by Larry Pippen, who had resigned in December of last year, and the city began the process of finding a qualified replacement.

“We went through a long and deliberate process,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Leroy Skloss. “We hired an outside firm from San Antonio called SeeKing HR. What they did was they advertised for the job.”

The search and advertisement for a replacement was a nation-wide effort. Over 600 applicants, even from as far away as Maryland, applied for the position.

“We got a number of applicants that we screened and we actually interviewed five applicants for the job throughout this process,” explained Skloss. “Two of them were from within the state, the other three were from out of state. It was one of those things where we really couldn’t connect, and so what we wound up doing was advertising through local newpapers.”

The city advertised locally and in surrounding counties in the hopes to find a capable person more familiar with the enormous and very complicated changes Karnes City is experiencing due to factors related to the Eagle Ford Shale.

It was at this time that Tymrak was approached by certain peers with the idea that maybe he should consider applying for the position, given his extensive knowledge and many years of experience in dealing with the city and its ongoing changes.

Tymrak considered and deliberated the suggestion, and consulted his family on making the right and best decision. After a time, Tymrak decided to apply for the position. Tymrak was still subject to the interview process, scrutiny, and protocol as all the other applicants.

“After that (advertising the position locally) took place, we ended up with three applicants. Two of them we felt were not qualified, and we ended up interviewing Don and it was a unanimous decision by the council that he was the one that would take us forward,” said Skloss.

Many felt that Tymrak’s total of 20 years serving as mayor, being a long time resident of the city, and his detailed knowledge of handling the rapid changes and complex issues facing the city presently, would make him a best and proper fit for the position.

“Don’s been around the city for a long time and on at least a couple of different occasions, as we were between city managers, he did a lot of their work. He’s very knowledgeable about the infrastructure,” said Skloss of Tymrak. “The other issue we had is that Don lived here in town …housing was another issue for us. Since he already lives here, it just seems like all the pieces fell into place for us.”

Tymrak will now serve in a different capacity from mayor, but still in a capacity he is very used to. His yearly salary for the position will be $65,000. Skloss will fill the mayoral duties in the interim for the time being. The City Council might possibly appoint an individual to fill the mayor position until the next mayoral elections in May of 2014.

“I was along with the council looking for a quality individual that would be a good fit for the city, and it was way late in the process when the thought ever came up or I was presented with that,” reflected Tymrak on how it all came to be. “You can find all the super-qualifieds, but it still came down to would they be a good fit for this specific city, and I think that carried a lot of weight with them.”

“If you stay around this city government long enough, you begin to get a feel for how it needs to run, what it’s capable of doing; then you begin to plan a strategy on how to move this city forward and work as a team. They felt it was a good fit and I was willing to do it. I love this city. We’re doing such great things in economic development and the things that are in our future. It’s exciting.”
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