Unfairly barred!
by Willie B. “B.B.” Green
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This is for the Refugio Little League Board members. How can you have ten members but only five have a say? I was told that the Woodsboro members voted for me to be barred from the games while the Refugio members didn’t have a say. Are some of the members just puppets?

I have been going to the games for over 30 years and have never been thrown out of a game. My granddaughter was playing ball and I asked her a question and the referee threw me out of the game. Jeremy Rowland told me he was a highway patrolman and he could have me thrown out. He was not on duty at that time. He shouldn’t be trying to use his work status at a ball game. Why was I thrown out for asking a question? Was the referee having a bad day or what?

When the members met with me, Larry Jochetz told me he had heard me at football games and track meets before. I told him that didn’t have anything to do with the baseball game. I was told that they had ten people who could verify that my behavior was the cause for me being put out.

I told them I could have brought people to voice my side but was told I couldn’t bring anyone. No one could tell me why I couldn’t bring anyone. I was told that the meeting was over and it had just begun. Their mind’s were made up before the meeting ever started.

I really don’t think I was out of line for asking a simple question. I believe it is unfair for me to be thrown out of the game for a year. Is there a rule against asking questions or questioning the rules? I would also like to know if Refugio board members can have a say on what goes on. If anyone knows the answer to my questions please let me know.

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