Good Shepherd Lutheran Church: Easter all week long
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The message provided through the homily of the Rev. Wally Schievelbein, pastor of Kenedy’s Good Shepherd Lutheran on the third Sunday of Easter, dealt with the point that we do not get to choose how God will call us but we do have the choice of how we will serve Him.

In the Gospel of John 21: 1-19, Peter and the other disciples return to their normal tasks after the death of Jesus. These disciples are still to be instructed to carry the new of the resurrection all over the world. The news would become familiar to all with whom they spoke.

Pastor indicated the beautification of the church is a message to the community that things are happening at Good Shepherd and all are invited to have a place to join in the activities. But the overwhelming purpose of all things is to glorify God.

According to the Gospel, Peter denies knowing Jesus even after he has been questioned three times whether he love Him. The life of the disciples and the message they carried proved dangerous and all suffered violent deaths. Saul, for his actions of persecuting Jesus, was stricken with blindness. Ananias, though reluctant, goes to meet with Saul and restore his sight so Saul can serve as the Lord’s vessel to carry the message to Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.

Jesus had other labors for the disciples, that of carrying the new of the resurrection to all the world. Life as they knew it was over - vacation was over. Jesus wanted them to reach everyone with news that would become familiar. The purpose in this was to glorify God.

The current beautification of the church is a message to the community that things are happening at Good Shepherd. This serves as another invitation and message to people that they can also find a place to serve in this church.

Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves him. Peter denies knowing him. In the mission where Jesus sent the disciples forth proved dangerous to all of them. Ananias reluctantly goes to restore sight to Saul after Jesus explains Saul is a chosen vessel who will carry the message to the Gentiles and kings and children of Isreal. For this Saul was marooned, imprisoned and killed.

The disciples did not choose what tasks God will call of them; they had to decide how they could serve Him. In life no one gets the recognition one deserves. Life as we know it would not be if people did not serve. We should always be willing to serve in whatever capacity we can.
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