Appealing for respect of flag
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Please post this appeal to the citizens of Beeville and Bee County.

For more than a month now, I have been waiting for the management of the local IBC Bank to correct the U.S. flag on their pole in front of their bank here in Beeville. The flag in question is Old Glory, our national flag. It is not hoisted to the peak (the top of the pole). This is not the correct way to fly our national flag. It is to be flown at the peak or at the half staff position and then only to indicate the nation being in mourning. IBC has its flag flying at about the flag’s width from the peak or top of the pole.

Being a Navy vet and Eagle Scout, I have found it hard to ignore, so I stopped in and explained to one of their “officers” that the flag was not being properly displayed, and that if they cannot display the flag properly, then they should take it down. She told me that she would see that it got corrected.

Three weeks passed and nothing had changed. So....I went in again and this time spoke to a different “officer,” and she and I went to the pole to find it locked. She did not have the key but assured me – again – that she would see that it was properly displayed.

Another two days passed, I drove by to find that it is still being improperly flown. I am appealing to the citizens of Beeville and Bee County to put pressure on this company to either properly display our national flag or take it down. If you wanted to, you could stop in and explain to them that it is an affront to our national pride to have our national flag mistreated by being improperly displayed. I am contacting the “home office” of IBC Bank (down in the Valley) and requesting that they see to getting this “insult” corrected. Or we can all just ignore it, and yet another piece of our national pride will bite the dust. I am hoping that will not happen here in Beeville.

To learn more about proper flag etiquette, please visit this website: or this one: Please note that, in both, the requirement is for it to be flown at the peak of the staff unless at half staff. Thank you for reading my appeal.

Capt. Gregory Gooch USMM, Ret., Beeville

Editor’s note: As of Tuesday afternoon, the problem had been corrected, and the flag flying properly.
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