Did Refugio County drop the ball?
by Willie C. Jones Refugio
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I am a senior citizen, a veteran and I spent 41 years in the workforce. I enjoy going to game rooms. It is a form of therapy for the older generation. Refugio doesn’t have much else to offer. There is a relaxing atmosphere inside the game rooms. My immediate family doesn’t worry about me frequenting these places, so why should a select few church members and commissioners care about who goes.

I don’t think anyone should be telling me or anyone else how to spend our money. If we want to burn it or flush it down the sewer, that is our business. Raising the rates from $500 to $5,000 a machine was a slap in the face to owners.

People should get the facts before going on attack. I doubt that going to a game room brings about moral decay. You can go in any afternoon and see a room filled with seniors who get pleasure from pressing the buttons on the machines. You can play anywhere for a penny to a few dollars a spin. This is a lot better than sitting at home watching 60 year old reruns of I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke.

At the fair police had to break up fights and there were reports that someone was trying to sell drugs there. I don’t recall ever having the police come out to break up fights and there are no drugs being sold in the game rooms.

One game room owner has security in the evening to walk you to your vehicle. This owner also donates to charities and supports bake sales and benefits all over town. The patrons at the game rooms also benefit meals and snacks that are provided at the owner’s expense. All this added revenue from the game rooms could be used for the county’s infrastructure, because some of the roads are so bad you need an army tank to drive down them.

The game room is gambling, no different than bingo’s that are run by religious organizations or lotteries ran in Austin, our state capital. Every town in Texas has lottery tickets which can be purchased 24 hours a day 365 day’s a year. I go to game rooms daily and spend my money. If I can’t do it here I can go to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Las Vegas or Eagle Pass, where they will be happy to take my money. Refugio County I think you dropped the ball on this one.

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