Woodsboro City Council wrong decision
by Raymond Cisneros Woodsboro
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Why is it that every time something good for the city happens, its crumbles to the ground before giving it a chance to get started.

Woodsboro will always mound to nothing, because we have too many greedy people in the town. The game rooms in town bring in more revenue to the city than any other business in town. Last year the city got $75,000 from the game room plus other donations. Councilman Larry Jochetz made the motion to charge the game room $5,000 per machine when last year they paid $500 per machine.

This price is ridiculous and still the council voted for it. Who ever plays these machines do so in their own free will, it’s their money and they have the right to spend it however they want.

Rev. Arnold and his congregation was there to stop these game rooms from operation. When they close will the Reverend and his followers give the city $75,000 every year like the game rooms used too? All this started because Ms. Hubbard cried wolf and everybody got on her band wagon without proof of her allegation, maybe the flower shop will send the city $75,000 a year. All this came about parking space and any business in town can park anywhere, there has never been a fuss about parking before, but since the game rooms were getting more business than the flower shop she cried wolf.

I think the council is making a big mistake in increasing such a big price per machine, we’ll lose a big chunk of revenue if they close, so do right for the city and maybe one day we’ll come together, but I wouldn’t hold your breathe.

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