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Sheriff Robert Bolcik reported 2,291 calls went through dispatch from May 30 to June 5.

The sheriff’s department responded to 41 calls; the Refugio Police Department, 38; Medics, 19; State Troopers, five; Woodsboro Marshal, six.

Pot possession

A female was taken to Refugio County Jail and charged with possession of marijuana after officers discovered 23 pounds of marijuana concealed in the back door panel of her vehicle on June 1 at 4:38 p.m.

Trooper Kent Williams initiated the traffic stop on U.S. 77 south of Woodsboro. The trooper requested a consent to search but was denied. Deputy Jeff Raymond conducted the search around the vehicle with his K-9 partner Eddie. The dog alerted to the presence of drugs and the vehicle was moved to the weigh station for a search.

The suspect had three minor children in the vehicle and child protective services picked up the children.

The suspect was taken to Refugio Memorial Hospital and then to the county jail. The vehicle was impounded at the county annex.

Pot arrest

One male subject was taken to Refugio County Jail on June 5 at 2:30 a.m. and charged with possession of marijuana.

Woodsboro Marshal Rey De Los Santos initiated a traffic stop in the 200 block of Locke Street in Woodsboro. Deputy Jason Maley assisted. The male was taken to jail.

Hit and run

A shopper at H-E-B reported an aqua-colored 18 wheeler with a white trailer hit a black four-door pickup in the parking lot at 12:44 p.m. on June 5 and left traveling south on U.S.77.

The blinker from the 18 wheeler was on the ground. Officer Bill Schaefer was dispatched to the call. Attempts to locate the 18 wheeler failed.


A caller reported she ran into a house at 2:49 a.m. on June 4.

A caller reported that she wasn’t sure where she was, but she knew she was in Refugio. The female saw a for sale sign in the yard and read the numbers on the house to the dispatcher and Officer Duqualis Farrow was able to find the location at 607 Empresario.

The vehicle was released to Miltons and the scene was cleared.


A bailout was reported on June 4 at 12:11 a.m. after Officer Duqualis Farrow attempted to initiate a traffic stop on U.S. 77 north of Refugio. Farrow reported a bailout with approximately six in the brush. All units were notified. No subjects were found and the vehicle was taken back to the police department annex.

Medical emergency

A male was taken to Refugio Memorial Hospital on June 3 at 7:28 a.m. for injuries received when a pipe fell on him.

Medic 1 was paged along with Sergeants Ricardo Adame and Glen Grasham.

According to the report, the male subject was awake and alert, complaining of left shoulder pain. Medics transported the subject to the hospital.


A man was taken to Refugio County Jail on June 1 at 6:37 p.m. following a report of a possible theft underway on Shay Road in Refugio.

According to the report two people were cutting pipe on private property to sell. An officer was requested to check out the suspicious activity.

Deputy Ronald Ramirez and Officer Ray John Silvas were dispatched. During the investigation, it was discovered that one subject had an active warrant from Nueces County and one subject was reported in the brush.

A wrecker was requested for the vehicle and information was taken from the pipe cutter used by the two men. The subject was taken to the jail and the vehicle was transported to the annex.


One male subject was arrested and taken jail for DWI on May 30 at 2:59 p.m. Trooper Frank Hoskings initiated a traffic stop across from H-E-B at the old gas station. Hoskings reported that undocumented immigrants were lying in the bed of the truck, including three males and one female.

Hoskings took the driver to jail and he was charged with DWI.

The vehicle was impounded at the annex and the undocumented subjects were released to Sergeant Glen Grasham.


A subject was given a verbal warning on May 30 at 10:39 a.m. after he reportedly harassed a Woodsboro family by phone. The caller reported that the male subject was calling them from Fast Break.

According to the report, the subject was warnedto stop calling or face being arrested.


Two parties were separated on May 30 around 1:21 a.m. following an argument. A

The caller reported that her boyfriend was drunk and acting stupid. The caller also reported that the subject wanted to leave in her vehicle with his daughters. Deputies Jeff Raymond and Jamie O’Reilly were dispatched to the call and separated the couple for the night.


A 911 hang up call led to the arrest of one female subject on June 2 at 7:22 p.m. Dispatch made contact back with the caller. The caller requested an officer to remove a female out of the trailer.

The caller reported that he was at the trailer park behind Burger King. Officer Ray John Silvas and Deputy Jamie O’Reilly were dispatched to the call. Officer Silvas reported that he had one female subject in custody and took her to the Refugio County Jail.

Missing hamster

An argument erupted at a Tivoli residence on June 6 at 9:27 p.m. following an earlier report that the caller’s hamster was missing.

The caller reported that she had left her residence and her father’s girlfriend had been in and out of the residence all day. The caller reported that her hamster was missing and her dad’s girlfriend told her younger brother “to go cut his throat or something like that.”

Deputy Jason Maley attempted to contact the complainant by phone. Maley spoke with the caller and could hear arguing in the background.

Maley reported he made contact with the caller again and the caller reported that her step-mother had thrown the hamster away.

Maley reported that there was no criminal offense.
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