LOC jailers face more allegations
by Christina Rowland
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Another civil lawsuit was filed against Live Oak County and three former jailers on June 12 for sexual assaults that were reported to have taken place in July 2010.

The suit accuses former jailers Vincent Eric Aguilar, Isreal Charles Jr. and Jamie E. Smith of sexual assaults.

This is the second civil lawsuit that has come against the county and the jailers in the last year.

A motion to consolidate and continue was also filed on June 18 to add this case to the previous civil case that was filed by two separate women in August 2012.

There were several reasons stated by attorneys Ronald Armstrong II and Jarom Teller in the motion for consolidating the two cases, including “the cases involve common questions of law and fact” and “consolidation will conserve judicial resources by facilitating the resolution of the cases in less time with fewer expenses than if they were tried separately.”

United States District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos granted the consolidation on June 19.

The two women who most recently have come forward claimed they were repeatedly sexually assaulted in numerous ways by the guards and additionally were forced to perform sexual acts on each other during one of the incidences.

The jailers accused in both civil cases previously pleaded guilty to two counts of improper sexual activity with a person in custody after the August 2010 incidences. Two of the jailers are still incarnated and the other jailer, Isreal Charles Jr., has finished his sentence.

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July 08, 2013
Yes, he did plead guilty. He didn't want to but was basically coerced into doing so by both his attorney and the assistant district attorney. There was NO videotape showing anything along with NO evidence of Sexual Assault by Israel -- which is what these girls are alleging. If you read, really read, you will see that these girls implicate the other two jailers -- NOT ISRAEL! Israel was dragged down with these guys. He really is a good person and even the Texas Ranger who investigated the case, came up to him and told him to "keep your head up MIJO". He has served his time and has paid his debt to society and he is doing his best to adapt to everyday life and make up for lost time with his wife and son. Please continue to pray for him and his family.
just saying
June 30, 2013
Israel not isreal learn how to spell his name if you are gona talk about him. And leave him alone already. Let him live his life he is innocent and a good person.

July 01, 2013
Read the last paragraph--he plead guilty. There also was videotape of him committing the crime. Saying he is innocent won't change those facts and the women involved have every right to pursue a civil lawsuit.