Are you having problems with your memory?
by Kevin Mackey
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Are you having problems with your memory? It is not just the elderly who have problems with memory, but is often associated with age. A favorite story of mine goes something like this.

Jerry stopped in to visit with Ken, one of his long time friends, and commented on how it seemed that as he was getting older he was having problems remembering things, and especially names. Ken told him that he had had the same experience and he had heard about a course that would help with the memory of names. He said he had been skeptical but he thought that he would give it a try and he was very pleased with the result. When Jerry asked how the course worked, Ken explained that it was done by teaching you to associate names with images. All you had to do was recall the image and you would have the name.

Jerry told Ken that he would enroll in the course and asked him for the name of it so he could look it up. Ken thought for a moment, and a troubled look came over his face, before he asked, “What is that flower that has the beautiful smell but has thorns on the stem?” Jerry suggested, “Do you mean a rose?” Ken said, “that’s right,” and called to his wife in the next room, “Rose, what was the name of that course I took for memory improvement?”

We all have problems remembering things at times, even in the spiritual area. At points in our past we make promises (commitments) to God and over time it seems we forget those commitments. Often at this time of the year, we remember those commitments, or make such commitments. We need to remember to keep those commitments to God.

Some have a problem remembering the last time they attended a church service. I remember a man I met when we were in the Navy together. He complemented me on my spiritual commitment, and said that he, too, was religious. For some reason, my response was something like, “When was the last time you went to church services?” He quickly responded, “Last Easter,” but then he thought a moment and said “No, it was last Christmas.” After another moment or two, he changed that to “A year ago, Christmas.” He couldn’t remember.

Some have a hard time remembering when they last attended a Bible class, or picked up a Bible to read it. Others have a hard time remembering when was the last time they prayed. All this is truly sad, but I have a “course” that will help you with your memory in each of these areas.

If you were to read your Bible every day, you would have no problem remembering when the last time was. If you attended Bible class, every Sunday morning (9:30 a.m.) and Wednesday night (7 p.m.), you would have that answer covered too. If you stopped often, and daily, to pray, that would give your memory a great assistance, if someone was to ask you, “When was the last time you spoke to God in reverent prayer?”

I was just thinking how, like a rose, most of my articles have a lot of flower to them, but you will usually notice there are often a few thorns thrown in as well. It is designed that way. If you got caught on one, or more of the thorns in this one, you don’t have to remember Rose’s name to get help with your spiritual memory, just ask me. My name is at the top of the article and that is what I like to do.

Do you have all the mentioned thorns covered? All of us have trouble remembering all that is contained in the Bible. The way to deal with that memory problem is to attend Bible class faithfully, and spend much time reading God’s word in between.
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