Stalker truck driver keeps county officers jumping
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The dispatchers at the Live Oak County Criminal Justice Center reported 298 complaints.

A Three Rivers woman reported that there were four males and one female on the tables outside her apartment and they were talking about hiding from the police. She wanted an officer to go by and have the kids checked out.

Another Three Rivers woman advised that she had someone put a sign in her yard the day before. She was told if she saw anything suspicious to call the officers over to her residence. She advised that she saw two boys and one girl in her yard. They ran three houses down from her house, and she thought they went inside.

A Three Rivers resident advised that there were two teenage boys beating each other up in the street.

A woman east of George West stated that the mailman left her a note that said someone had put a dead rattlesnake in her mailbox.

A man stated that he and his friends were stranded on a boat in Choke Canyon Lake. He advised that there are five occupants in the boat — all have life vests. He advised that the waves and wind are too bad and they drifted to an island. He is not sure exactly were he is but can see the lights on the dam and there are alot of dead trees sticking out of the water. He has a flashlight and flare gun. The responding game warden found the subjects but now his boat is disabled and he was unable to return to the boat dock. Another game warden responded to aid, but might have to stay out until morning because of water and wind conditions. A short time later, the game wardens advised that everything was okay. All subjects and boats were off the water.

A George West businessman wanted to report that someone wrote graffiti all over their billboard.

A man near Ray Point advised that he had passed a maroon vehicle that looked like the windows were busted out. He thought it might have some stolen tvs in it or something. There was no one is around it.

A woman at an RV park in Three Rivers requested an officer. There were a few people in the park who were not supposed to be there. They were drinking, so she’s unable to close the park.

A man near Whitsett advised that he wanted to report an incident that happened to his wife early that morning. His wife had stopped to put air in her tires. The store was not open yet, and there was no one around. She parked her vehicle at the side of the building where the air is located. At that time an 18-wheeler was coming down FM 99. It stopped, backed up and turned into the parking lot and parked so that he was blocking her vehicle. The driver kept staring at the caller’s wife, and she got scared and got back into her vehicle. She had to back up and then go forward again several times in order to get her vehicle out of there. He stated that there were cameras on that side of the building.

A George West woman stated that there was a green car parked in front of the little red house that is near the city park. The vehicle had been there since the day before. Someone just told her that the windows were rolled down and they could see a hand sticking out.

A woman near Oakville advised that she thought some hunters in the area are hunting doves and it was not dove season.

A George West man advise that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was walking back and forth in front of his house, threatening to “whip his butt.”

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