Live Oak County Public Records
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In addition to arrests, the dispatchers at the Live Oak County Criminal Justice Center received 201 complaints for the week of May 24-31.

A George West woman reported that someone went to her house while she was gone and took the meter box. She said that the food that was left in her fridge was already spoiled.

A Lagarto man claimed that his niece had just assaulted him and he wanted it to stop. She took off in a black pick-up. He called back wanting to know where the officer was. He was told the deputy was in the area and would be there in a couple of minutes. He kept yelling at the dispatcher to tell him the deputy’s name. Minutes later, he called back, stating he was assaulted by the deputy and wanted to file assault charges. He wanted Sheriff Busby to come out to his property, stating he was assaulted for no reason on his own property. Two more units were on their way. The first unit advised that they needed backup/assistance as soon as possible. Two units were dispatched. The first unit advised that they will need more than one officer for backup. Another deputy requested that the chief deputy make the scene. The first deputy on scene advised that the subject was resisting detention. Two adult males were transported to jail. Later a jailer called, a male subject was requesting EMS for shoulder pain. EMS was paged out, but no transport was necessary.

A George West woman was very loud, belligerent and rude on the phone. She was screaming the address and the dispatcher had to ask for the address several times due to her screaming. She wanted a particular officer who was not on duty. The caller said, “Just send a cop to the house.” When asked what the problem was, she said it was personal and she didn’t want to tell the dispatcher. The dispatcher said that an officer could not be sent unless they knew what was going on. She screamed, “Just tell him, it’s violence over the phone; is that what you want? Violence over the phone!”

A George West advised that he saw three suspicious vehicles parked at a business. One was a grey pick-up, one was a smoky colored car and one was a silver station wagon. He advised that they had all been all parked at the one business, then the grey pick-up went and parked at a business across the road. He advised that it just looked like they were waiting for something or someone. All the vehicles had dark tinted windows. The silver station wagon left towards Three Rivers, the car went towards Beeville and he didn’t see which direction the grey pick-up went. He was advised to call back if he saw the vehicles again.

A Lagarto man said he wanted to let the dispatchers know that there were always suspicious vehicle around the area. He said that morning there were three white vans, but they had already left at the time of his call. He advised that other people have told him that there are large trucks that come down in the area in the early morning hours, too. He just wanted the Sheriff’s department to be aware of this. The dispatcher would let an officer know for extra patrol.

A man advised there was a suspicious vehicle with a suspicious person inside casing the area in Swinney Switch area. He was working that area and the vehicle kept checking out the area. The vehicle and the driver were described. One of the caller’s workers said the man was a well known thief.

A Tilden caller advised that a car was racing down the road with a loud muffler and it woke her up.

A George West school employee reported that someone had hung a wild hog from a tree in the back of the high school and he would like for someone to remove it before the students get there. The responding officer advised that he was at the school, but the custodian was nowhere around. Dispatch tried to reach the caller but received no answer. Later, the officer asked the dispatcher to call the city animal control to come remove the hog. A short time later, he informed that the hog was removed.

A Three Rivers woman advised that there were some people there who were trying to tow away her vehicle. She advised that she had that vehicle towed from Karnes City and a particular deputy knew the whole situation.

A George West woman reported that her neighbor’s dogs killed her cat. Now they have been chasing her other cat, also. She wanted to know what can be done about this.

A George West stated she needed to talk to an officer about a male subject who just started working with her today. He was outside her apartment trying to get her to come out but she wouldn’t open the door and told him to leave. She thought he had left but she wasn’t sure; he could be around the corner hiding. She didn’t know how he got her address or why he was there bothering her.

A man reported that, about a week ago, he came out to his place and discovered that a vehicle had gone through his gate. Since he has cattle on his property, he went and bought a new gate and put it in. He was checking his property and discovered a lot of Hummer parts on a hill. He would like an officer to call him and come see what he has found.

A Three Rivers man advised that there were some people at a business who were selling fake gold. The responding officer was unable to locate the suspects.

A woman advised she would like an officer to meet her at her father’s residence in Three Rivers. She said the house is dilapidated and the back door is open. She would like the officer to walk through the house with her.

An out of town man stated that his boat had hit a sandbar and was 3/4 submerged and they were stuck on an island between South Shore and Calliham. No injuries were reported. Dispatch was asked to contact a game warden who was out in the South Shore area. That game warden also went to look for the boaters. The first game warden had the boaters picked up.

A woman advised she and her family were skiing on Lagarto Creek and some small kids on jet skis were cutting them off. She advised the kids were not wearing any life jackets. She also advised there were lots of kids in a boat and that they were not wearing life jackets, either. She wanted a game warden to come and talk to the kids.

A woman who said that she and her husband own land near Swinney Switch stated that she received a call from a friend who advised her that someone was on her property and that they were tearing down her fence. She wanted an officer to go to the property as soon as possible and have the subjects leave.

A George West officer advised he was out with two juvenile male subjects. He stated he spoke with their mother who was at work; a friend was supposed to be watching them. Dispatch received a call from the boys’ mother. She asked if the officer would bring the boys to her. The officer transported the juvenile subjects and released them to the mother. When the officer made contact with the subject, he agreed he was supposed to be watching them. The subject is an alleged sex offender.

An out of town caller said that his elderly father was on his way to the valley and had a blow out. He said he remembered passing a convenience store on IH37 and Hwy. 281. He asked if an officer could check on his father; then let him know that he was alright. When the man was located, a deputy went to check on the subject. He was to change the tire, then have the man follow him to George West. The officer would try to get him to stay in a motel until morning.

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