Live Oak County Public Records
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Dispatchers at the Live Oak County Criminal Justice Center received 167 complaint calls for the week of May 16-23.

A George West woman reported that she had been seeing a strange light for about two weeks, down the railroad track from her house. She thought maybe the Sheriff’s Department could get the helicopter to fly around out there and check it out. The people could be watering their marijuana. She queried, “They do that at night, don’t they?” The people in the trailer across from her never come out. Maybe they are camping out there. Anyway, she needed an officer to just drive around and shine lights. She lives by her self and is scared to come out at night.

A Three Rivers woman said that she was with a man who had hit his head and he was bleeding pretty bad. When asked how it happened, she said that he had just jumped off the Tips Park Dam and hit his head on some rocks. EMS responded but the man refused transportation to a hospital.

A deputy advised that a citizen had reported there were several men that were selling stereos out of the back of their vehicle. They were selling the stereos for $300 and saying that they are worth about $2000.The deputy stated he has heard that people are being “scammed” because they complain that the boxes are empty or the stereos are damaged.

A woman near the lake reported that they had a boat stolen from their rental property. They had been trying to get the boat put in their name as the owner of the boat is deceased. They talked to a game warden who told her he would check on it the next day but he didn’t even ask for her phone number.

A man traveling south just entering Live Oak County from Atascosa County said that the male driver of a vehicle traveling the same direction had a handgun in his lap.

A man in McMullen County complained that he stopped on the side of the road to answer the call of nature. He heard something that sounded like a motorcycle pull up next to his truck. He said that then whoever it was drove off in his truck towards Hwy. 16 and turned left heading towards Freer.

A woman from a bar near the lake called advising that a man’s vehicle was stolen out of their parking lot. She gave the phone to the owner who described the vehicle. Allegedly, the keys had been left in the vehicle.

A woman traveling on IH-37 said she saw a big roll of clear plastic wrap on the side of the road. It looked like there was something rolled up in it. The responding deputy was unable to locate the item.

A Three Rivers woman asked what could be done about some abandoned vehicles next door to her residence. Upon investigation, it was found that the vehicle did not belong to the property owner. The former renters denied ownership of it as well.

The employee of a George West business said he found a suspicious package in the alley which consisted of two big zip lock bags. He wasn’t sure what it was, but would like an officer to take a look.
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November 03, 2011

To Who it May Concern

Is it just me or is the rate of serious crime steadily rising. I have also noticed that most of these crimes seem to be committed by someone who is from out of town or at least when the assailant is actually apprehended. It almost seems to be a "scapegoat.” It was not anybody from here so it most likely not to happen again. Well we had better look again because it is happening and in all of Live Oak county but mainly in the Three Rivers area more. Maybe it is time to look at all the “pros and cons” to this big Boom. We should seriously look into these new zonings and make it a little less congested in our own back yard so to speak. In addition, I agree we should have a police stationed at our school but maybe we should look in to hiring a few more at least to help with all this new serious crime. So that we can show we are being proactive not reactive because then we could be seeing just the beginning of the end of our beautiful town. I for one think it could prevent far worse things to come.