Wasp free; care free
by Megan Edwards
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Megan Edwards
Megan Edwards
Early last week, I arrived at home and notice a strange-looking ornament hanging from the rafters of my front porch. My first thought was that my youngest was having one of her creative moments and made something to make the porch prettier. I made a mental note to ask her about it later and continued inside. Inside, I found the truth of this strange looking contraption. My daughter had nothing to do with it really; my husband did.

At about one o’clock that afternoon, my daughter was coming in the house from playing outside and was stung by a wasp. My husband being the responsible adult around promptly attended to the bite and investigated the ultimate source. Come to find out, a wasp nest had been formed on the porch, unbeknownst to us.

Now my husband, in every effort to protect the family, uses his vast supply of knowledge and resources and develops a wasp deterrent.

Wasps are very territorial, so they do not build their nest very close or in the same proximity as other wasp. Wasps do not want to be bothered just as much as we don’t want to be bothered. However, sometimes those paths cross, and usually the person is the one who get stung by a wasp just defending his territory.

So, to prevent this from happening and encourage the wasps to build a home elsewhere, a simple brown paper bag and string deters the swarm to move on down the road.

Take a brown lunch bag you can purchase at any Walmart and crumble it up like you were going to throw it in the waste basket. Then open it up again like you were going to fill it up with your lunch. Gather just the top of the bag about an inch from the opening and tie a string around it, leaving enough string to be able to hang from the rafter of a porch or area that might attract wasps.

Wasps see this deterrent and do just that, deter from the area. They go and build their home elsewhere, away from what they think is some other wasp nest.

I am happy to report that my daughter is fine after being stung by the wasp. She really didn’t have that much of a issue, just scared her a little. Also, our front porch and around our house has been wasp free for a week now.
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