County looking at treasurer’s unbalanced books
by Joe Baker
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KARNES CITY – The agenda for the Aug. 12 meeting of Karnes County Commissioners Court, which was posted late last week, includes items related to recent issues with the county treasurer’s office.

Authored by Tracey Schendel, Charlene and Darrell Blaschke, the items include the presentation and possible approval of a petition requesting a full audit of all Karnes County funds and monies.

The county’s outside auditing firm has presented concerns to county leaders that the treasurer’s office has not yet provides a suitable reconciliation between the amounts of funds in county bank accounts and the amounts recorded in the county’s financial records kept by the treasurer’s office.

Although information about what happened at the meeting was not yet available at press time Tuesday morning, the issue was discussed at the July 31 meeting.

“Where are we at on the audit?” County Commissioner Shelby Dupnik asked County Treasurer Vi Malone.

“We are still working with the outside auditors,” Malone responded.

“I thought we were going to have everything done by the end of the month,” Dupnik said.

“The outside auditors were here on Monday collecting some more information from us,” Malone said.

Dupnik asked how much difference there was at this time between the bank balances and the books.

County Auditor Lajuana Kasprzyk said there was about $50,000 difference between the GEO and bank reconciliation.

“It is $50,000 more in the bank than in the general ledgers,” Kasprzyk said. “Which tends one to believe that there are items that are not receipted in the general ledger.”

Kasprzyk said that the outside auditors are working to identify what issues are there that have hindered the reconciliation.

Jo Eilers, a resident present at the meeting, expressed concerns with problems in getting the reconciliation done to the satisfaction of the outside auditors.

“I’ve been a bookkeeper in many, many jobs and I had to balance to the penny,” Eilers said. “I wasn’t allowed to be five dollars off, wasn’t allowed to be $50,000 or $189,000 off. If we are over $189,000, how much are we under?”

Eilers said the duties of the treasurer include maintaining records of all deposits and withdrawals and the reconcile of all bank statements, thus insuring the accuracy and safety of county funds.

“This once a month – this once every six months stuff isn’t going to get it,” Eilers said. “It needs to be done on a daily basis. If you do it on a daily basis, then you know how much money is in the bank that day, you know how much money is going out that day. If you don’t have enough time, get somebody else in there to do it. Delegate.”

“You are allowed to hire and fire,” she said. “So do it.”

“If you can’t do it then we can get somebody in there that does know how to do it and make a concerted effort to balance the books,” she continued. “This many dollars over and under is not acceptable. We need to get something done about this because I am getting tired of hearing about it. It is not acceptable.”

See the Aug. 20 issue of The Karnes Countywide for a complete report of what may have been discussed or acted upon by county officials related to these agenda items.
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