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I was at the special meeting of the Kenedy City Council. The meeting was held to appoint a city municipal judge. Mayor Garza broke a 2-2 tie and voted for Barbara Shaw. Congratulations to you Mrs. Shaw. I know you will do a good job for the City of Kenedy.

One councilman (H.J. Kolinek) stated that they should pass because Barbara Shaw had caused a great deal of controversy throughout the county.

Mr. Councilman, I disagree with you about some of the controversy that has happened since Mrs. Shaw left office on March 14, 2014. Our county clerk lost her best employee. This lady knows her job and she was very professional in her duties. She walked out saying she could not put up with it anymore. Why? Several weeks later our county clerk fired 2 young employees. When one employee asked her why she was fired, our county clerk replied she did not have to tell her why. I know we are an at will county. She should at least have the courtesy to tell this young lady why.

Our county auditor and our county treasurer are having trouble balancing the books. This has been going on for a while. These two offices need to check and balance. That’s why we need an outside audit to correct this problem. We need a complete outside audit. A spot audit won’t do it.

Some people are complaining about these women and children that are going to be housed at the Karnes County Detention Center. Why are people so upset about this? On July 11, 2014 ICE modify the contract with Karnes County in order to change the facility, so it could house only women and children. The contract was signed by our county judge. Why is there so much hatred in this county? You people get a life.

Mr. Councilman, there are many more problems and controversy in this county. Sometimes our citizens are not aware of this controversy and problems, because they are swept under the carpet. Mrs. Shaw was doing her job as our county judge.

God bless Karnes County.

Isidro “Stormy” Rossett

Commissioner (Retired)
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