Good Shepherd Lutheran Church: Working together for Christ
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The explanation of the parables Jesus offered that explore the implication of the announcement for people’s lives served as the basis of the homily given by the Rev. Wally Schievelbein, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, on the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost.

The many parables included in Matthew which Jesus used to teach about the kingdom of heaven tries to give the idea of what the future holds. The kingdom of heaven is like something very small that grows into something wonderfully great. In some instances the kingdom is described as something valuable that is hidden from which the one who finds it must give up everything to obtain it.

What can one compare to the kingdom of heaven? In Matthew 13, the kingdom of heaven is likened to a mustard seed, yeast used in breadmaking, treasure found in a field which through time multiplied in value, a fine pearl, of the fish caught in a net which must be sorted between the good and bad of the catch.

At each baptism, one hears the promise that the one who is baptized is marked with the cross of God forever. Nothing can separate one from the love of God. Whether one chooses the right or wrong path, God will forgive them. This gift from God is truly a gift, not a reward. Whether you want it or not, God promises to redeem you of all sins.

All things in life work together for the good. One may not completely see God’s plan. If one did, they would be doing things to please God. Through the parables of Jesus as God is revealed the fullness of the kingdom of God. At the sacrament of baptism all individuals receive the promise wherein one begins their lives as people of a faith that no matter what happens, the kingdom of God awaits them. Nothing on does can make God love one more or less or stop loving them.

All visitors whether residents of Kenedy or from distant places are encouraged to come to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church to worship. The service on the Eighth Sunday of Pentecost will be at 9:30 a.m. followed by Adult Sunday School at 10:45 a.m.
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