Woman appreciative of local EMS services
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It is a beautiful morning in Goliad, Texas, United States of America! I am so glad I am here to enjoy it.

A week ago yesterday, the chances of my being able to experience the blessings of life here in Goliad were threatened by a very serious and unexpected heart attack. The Goliad EMS team came within minutes of my 9-1-1 call. The two-person team was professional and efficient in its evaluation, reporting results to a supervisor on its communication devise.

Within minutes, I was on my way to the hospital. Often during the ride I was aware that the gentleman in the back of the ambulance with me was reporting my condition and listening for instructions. I was never afraid. I had no doubt this team of EMS personnel and its advisor on the other end were doing what was medically necessary to treat my condition.

I also was confident that my God was present and the final outcome of this situation was being ultimately directed by Him. My condition worsened and, even though I do not remember, the EMS efficiently performed necessary emergency procedures to treat my heart attack. He communicated with the hospital. I remember being rolled into the ER operating room, where a heart surgeon and an ER surgery team were waiting. I was told later that the time from first report to when the surgery was over was only one and one-half hour.

I regret that I do not remember the name of the two-person EMS team and I will later find out their names. They did introduce themselves when they came in answer to my call, but I was a little distracted at that time.

We, the citizens of Goliad, are so fortunate in having these exceptional EMS teams to answer our medical emergency situations. Let’s, as citizens of Goliad, appreciate all the blessings we have, forget the pettiness and fault-finding that seem to be prevalent in our little community and work together to acknowledge, appreciate and support those who serve us so efficiently and effectively – not only the EMS, but in all areas of our community.

Alpha Hunt,

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