St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Karnes City: Speaking in parables
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Jesus uses parables as a way of inviting people deeper into the mystery of God’s gracious reign which has broken into their midst. It is therefore surprising that we are provided with such a cut and dried explanation to the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23). What if in verses 18-23 we are being offered an explanation of the parable but not the explanation to end all explanations?

What if instead of being offered an explanation for the world’s resistance to the Word one is being invited to examine their own resistance to the Word? What if one is being asked to take a searching and fearless spiritual inventory of themselves: when have one been like the rocky soil; when have the weeds choked the life out of their faith; when have one been good receptive soil?

What if this parable is not about the seed’s reception, but about the gracious, lavish, prodigal nature of the one who casts the seed without regard for where it falls, boldly proclaiming that it will accomplish the purpose for which it has been cast (Isaiah 55:11)? What if this parable is a challenge to one to be true to the character of the sower in their walk of faith and their life of witness together?

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