Making the most of a teachable moment
by Beyond The Walls, by Susan Nelson
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My son asked me the other day if every story has a “bad guy.” I didn’t have to think long to tell him that, yes, every good story has a “bad guy” because that is what makes the story interesting. There has to be a problem or an issue for the “good guys” and “bad guys” to solve the story for us to hold our interest.

I wonder how the characters’ stories will play out so we read to find out just what is going to happen in their lives and track them for growth through whatever trials they may encounter. I used words like antagonist and protagonist and story elements in our talk. (It was a truly win-win day for a mom and a former teacher – my child was asking questions and listening!)

As much as people say they do not like drama in their lives, put them down in front of an action/adventure movie, and they are right there with the main characters fighting the battles, winning the wars and saving the world.

We moved on to talking about consequences for our actions. Sometimes our actions can create a chain of good things to happen immediately and sometimes they take a while to appear.

There are times when the consequences of our actions are, well, not so good. Because pain and heartache and others and sometimes we can never get it back to where it was. Our actions can cause permanent results. This is where excepting it changes comes in; it’s coming whether we like it or not and how we deal with change is up to us. We discussed some examples of those situations.

Then he said, “Satan was a bad guy.” So we carried on a conversation about Satan and God and how Satan was once an angel in heaven with God but then he thought himself better than God and he was sent out from heaven.

God gave us a free will. It allows us to decide whether we will follow Him or not and accept Him on his terms. He knows too well that forced love is not love at all. Through Him, if we choose to, we can find love, peace, security and a place of rest in the most difficult times of our lives.

Psalms 119:165 says it like this, “Great peace for those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.”

Within that peace is freedom from the trials of this world and that is truly a great end to any story.

God bless you and yours.
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