Wake up Karnes County citizens!
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Does anyone realize that we no longer read anything in the local news about what is going on in our Commissioners Court?

Why hasn’t anything been said about the discrepancies with our county finances? The Commissioners Court receive a monthly report from both our county auditor and county treasurer each month. These reports have been out of balance since October of last year (2013). Why has this been allowed to continue for so long? My husband and I attended the last Commissioners Court meeting (Monday, June 30, 2014). The outside auditors who performed last year’s spot audit (October 2012 thru September 30, 2013) were present, but not on the agenda. However, the outside auditors informed the Commissioners Court that they could not give their annual audit report due to the fact of not receiving proper figures from the County Treasurer’s office in the amount of $187,000.

This means that the books have been out of balance much longer than October 2013. It is all being blamed on the county treasurer.

Why? If the county treasurer’s books are out of balance, so are the county auditor’s books. The books of the county treasurer and the county auditor interface and a balance for both set of books is given, which is supposed to be reconciled with the bank accounts each month.

If there is a problem, it should be identified immediately and corrected. These mistakes should not continue month after month, year after year. These county employees want large raises each year. Why? Would you give a raise to an employee in your personal business, if that employee was not performing the duties in which they were hired to do?

Certainly not, and likely they would be fired or released form their duties at your business.

The outside audit of the Karnes County EMS is a red flag that a complete audit is needed of all county finances.

Karnes County is in dire need of a complete audit of our finances, not just spot audit which is conducted each year.

A petition is being circulated asking the Commissioners Court to pass a resolution for a complete audit for our county finances.

I hope you feel as strongly about this as I do and sign the petition. These are our tax dollars (over $60 million) and everyone should be concerned about the financial responsibility of our tax dollars.

Charlene Blaschke

Concerned citizen and retired county treasurer
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