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By: Rev. Sue Huntsman

Have you taken a selfie lately? Selfie, a picture we take of ourselves. I tried and my nose came out way to big. I took another and well, let’s just say it was not my best look. I have seen my friend’s selfies and they look great, but mine, not so much. I can see all my flaws. The Apostle Paul in Romans 7:15-25a has taken a close look at himself, a selfie.

Our allegiance to God is through Jesus Christ. Our relationship to Him is based not on what we have done for God, but on what He has done on our behalf. Christ has measured up to God’s standards and has taken upon himself the penalty for our imperfections. WE have been declared righteous, perfect in Christ, apart from the Law. We still need laws to direct and protect the lives and destines of people, but they are incapable of turning sinners into saints.

The ancient yet always relevant Law does portray goodness and justice. It portrays, as well, my utter inability to be truly good and just. I simply do not have within my nature the capability of reaching those high standards. God knows I have tried. He knows, as well, how I again and again so miserably fail. I have the desire, even the will, to do what is right. I do not, in myself, have the power. Thus there is conflict, agonizing conflict, and I am driven to the wall in despair. It is a conflict which, in one measure or another, will persist as long as I live upon this world.

The answer is in Jesus Christ. God through Christ adopted me, apart from the Law. I am set free from the Law’s demands. I am free from its judgment. I am free to immerse myself in God’s great love, and free to serve Him forever.

This is Paul’s testimony. It is mine. It continues to be the testimony of every man and woman who follows Jesus Christ.
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