God provides subtle reminders in strangest places
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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As I found myself exploring parts unknown to me, I had to be thankful.

I was thankful that I have been doing as much walking as I have here, at home.

I had to be thankful that I had joined a gym and been working out. I was thankful that I was in better shape to handle the physical exertion and not incapacitated by it.

I was thankful that I was determined not to let annoyances get in my way of seeing myself through whatever happened. I was thankful, too, that I could find humor even in my trying times.

I am thankful that I am open to new and different and not closed off by something just because I have no knowledge of it.

In all of that thankfulness, though, I am not reckless, but cautious. Even as I looked around for someone to blame (“Whose idea was this trip anyway?”) when things were a little unnerving “all by my lone,” I could shake off the fear and move ahead. I guess that is where people get the strange idea that I am a strong person.

In all truth, I am timid and shy, not that I will tell anyone that. (Stop laughing, it’s true!) And I may take a while to do what I have said I will do, but I do get a “round tuit” eventually.

I have to plot and plan and work a certain order to my madness to see things come to fruition. I may dismiss some things even if I have a vision because of the enormity of the task and I know I do not have the ability or capability to see it through.

All of this is part and parcel of daily living. Along the way, we pick up needed skills, friendships and knowledge to help us and to help others. Regardless of whether we want to, we impact the lives of those whose paths we cross.

In the national park along the shoreline, a truck pulled up and parked. I watched as the couple got out, ran to the path, took a “selfie” against the backdrop of the water behind them, fostering a quick, happy smile, and then returning to their truck. On the lower part of their vehicle’s door was a scripture reference. I smiled and said, “I’m going to have to go back and look that up.”

I knew it was a familiar one and I should know it, but I couldn’t bring it to mind and I wondered which verse had so impacted his life that he had it on his truck. He and his companion stated in unison, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Oh! How could I have not known that?

I was thankful for that gentle reminder as I enjoyed what His hand had made for us. And therein lies the basis for my ability to keep on going no matter the circumstances. My strength and my hope lie in Him.
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