Take reality check, burst out of the background
by By Antonio Aguirre Jr. A-T High School Superintendent
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Antonio Aguirre Jr.
Antonio Aguirre Jr.
Dear Austwell-Tivoli Class of 2014,

June 6, 2014, will be the end of a journey you embarked on 13 years ago.

At that time there were five of you beginning your career as kindergarten students.

I know your teacher Angie Schumacher got you started in the right way—look where you are today.

You were the first kindergarten class to start in the new elementary building.

Now the prospects of a new high school are in the making. Along the way, you gathered four more classmates bringing it to a total of nine graduates for this year. Being a small class does not exclude you from the same expectations of much larger groups. You need to be proud of your achievements thus far, but it doesn’t end when you walk off that stage. A whole new set of expectations await you, and how you handle these will determine what legacy your class will leave behind.

So, you are still seniors until that moment in which you switch your tassel making you an Austwell-Tivoli graduate. What will you do then? Well, for a period of time, there will be the celebratory parties praising your accolades in school.

Soon after that, reality will slowly begin to surface. Decisions will have to be made. Some of you are already enrolled in some form of higher learning. Make sure to plan your strategies carefully in choosing a field of study that you really want to excel in.

Then, there are those of you who are already government property, meaning your career is planned out in the military – at least for a couple of years. You still have choices on how you want your military career to be. Look for all opportunities of bettering yourself. Try to be part of a specific field that may help you later once out of the military.

That leaves the rest of you having to choose what to do. Summer will be fun for some – and it may be the last time you can designate it as a holiday. In the future, it may be just another season of the year. You may be living at home for awhile, make the best of it, but remember even mother birds encourage their babies to fly away.

If unsure of when your actual career kicks into gear, go out and get a job for awhile to know what it is like to make a little money and receive a paycheck. Hopefully it’s not the first time you will have done this. If it is, no problem, nobody begins at the top.

You will like to possess nice things such as some form of wheels. They are expensive. Wait your time and you will get there. I was one of those that Mr. Self, superintendent from Woodsboro talks about. I only paid 25 cents a gallon for gasoline. College was way cheaper than it is today. I do remember ogling a ’65 corvette in a showroom in Victoria for $5,990. Today add another zero to that price.

Everything is more expensive today, but there are some occupations that will allow you to attain your wants. Let’s talk about that for a while.

For instance, there is a tremendous boom in the oil business, which according to experts should last a pretty long time. Pay will be good, but evaluate all your options. What is it that you would like to be doing for the next 25 years? If it is a job that pays well but you are not happy – going to work will be drudgery. Try to match your likes with an occupation that will allow you to make money while enjoying going to work every day.

Remember that the world is getting smaller through the use of all types of media; therefore, you are not limited how far you can travel to obtain your dream job. Also, you need to consider the perks that come with a job. Will your insurance be covered? Without insurance, you are taking a big risk. Remember, I said everything is more expensive. One bad turn in your health could saddle you with very long-term debts.

By now, I probably sound like I am painting a dim picture of the future for you. On the contrary, I want you to be conscious of life and its realities. You need to evaluate all you do assuring yourself you are making some wise choices. So you have taken care of all your needs.

Now, let’s climb to a higher level. What will you do to make things better around wherever it may be locally or even worldwide? Everyone has an ego and wants to leave a mark on this earth –what will you do? What do you want to be remembered for?

Our school, though small, has always provided an education that becomes a great base for further learning. We have had many successful students graduate from Austwell-Tivoli. Success has been seen in students becoming CPAs, lawyers, teachers, doctors, veterinarians, even judges.

Beyond the professional fields, others have achieved much success in all varieties of occupations. We are proud of all our graduates and hope you the class of 2014 will continue that legacy.

How will I remember you? I will remember you as the quiet class. You are a class of students who prefer not to make waves but to remain quietly in the background.

Now is your chance to blow that thought out the window and make a name for yourselves. I wish the best for each of you to become the best you can be.

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