Water warning came too late
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The state’s warning about turbidity in Beeville’s water supply reached us by telephone May 30, far too late for my wife and me to avoid consuming tap water disguised as iced tea in a local restaurant.

I’m only now recovering from four days of being sick as the proverbial dog as a result of contaminants in the water. I’ve suffered from all the symptoms associated with contaminants in water: nausea, vomiting, pounding headaches and diarrhea.

What makes me especially angry about the green apple two-step the city inflicted on me is that it hit just a few weeks after I spent most of a day and evening purging my system much the same way—deliberately. I had to consume, then pass unpleasantly, a gallon of an awful-tasting liquid concoction as a requirement for a colonoscopy.

Bad as it was, I figured I wouldn’t have to set a one-day record number of bathroom runs for another five years. Talk about being wrong.

I used purified water for that drill, believe it or not. Treated water is what my wife and I drink out here in the county, and now you can bet it’ll be what we drink when we’re in Beeville since we’ll bring a jug of it with us.

Several restaurants won’t be adding iced tea to our bills unless they can guarantee the water in it is purified. For that matter, we won’t order any food which may have been prepared using city water.

Deliberately inflicting Montezuma’s revenge on yourself is thoroughly unpleasant—but acceptable if it’s a medical necessity. Having a municipal water supply ambush you with diarrhea in this modern era is something we’re not willing to accept.

John Burlage
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