Agenda topic of discussion at March 18 city meeting
by Coy Slavik, Advance-Guard Editor
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GOLIAD – Councilperson Liz Holsey claimed council members are not getting enough information in their agenda packets from the city prior to city council meetings.

During council’s March 18 meeting, Holsey objected to two workshop items that were on the agenda, saying she had not received enough information on the Texonian development and signage projects.

“According to government code, when you put something down like this, you have to give a hint of what is being discussed or identify the topic so that we, the council, can know what is going to be talked about,” Holsey said. “That’s just like putting here ... Texonian. We have nothing in this packet. Nothing on signage here, yet it is on the agenda. We’re coming to this meeting, really, without any information to deal with any of these things.”

City administrator said Holsey had requested the signage projects be put on the agenda but was not specific as to what she wanted to discuss during the workshop.

“I would have no idea what you wanted,” Zermeno said. “You just called and asked to put it on there. It would be pretty hard to prepare an agenda summary without any further information.”

City attorney Ashford Taylor said the agenda packets could be more detailed in the future.

Holsey also wanted more information on the agenda concerning executive session items. According to the agenda, council met March 18 in executive session for “discussion on training for city attorney.” “Public works director” was also listed as an item to be discussed.

The agenda also listed an executive session for “consultation with attorney.”

Taylor cited Local Government Code Section 551.071 that states, “A governmental body may not conduct a private consultation with its attorney except on a matter in which the duty of the attorney to the governmental body under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with this chapter.”

“Listing the statute should be sufficient,” Taylor said. “The reason why we’re going under that statute is because that would be items that I would feel would jeopardize my attorney-client privilege with the city council. Those are the items that we will be discussing.”

“I understand that, but even (the Goliad Municipal Development District), when they have a consultation with their attorney, they put ‘ANS Welding’ or something. We have nothing.”

“If it was something to be discussed in the open public, it would be there,” Taylor said. “Such as the personnel items listed.”

The meeting started with Holsey requesting to speak during public comment as a citizen, but was told by Mayor Pro Tem Ed Carter that she had not filled out the required form to speak as a citizen.

“I’m a councilperson. I shouldn’t have to fill out a form,” Holsey said.

“Is this going to be a citizen’s comment or a council member’s comment?” Taylor asked Holsey.

“Well, it could go either way because it is dealing with something on the agenda,” Hosey answered.

Taylor asked Holsey again whether it was a citizens or council member comment.

“Council,” Holsey replied.

“Then you don’t have to fill one out,” Taylor said.
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