Some unfulfilled promises
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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Plans were made and I informed my three at home. Excitement exuded from their beings. Perhaps it was their smiles, clapping or jumping up and down that gave it away.

We were about to have our first baby sleepover!

She was only three weeks old, but the hubbub of visitors and commotion at their house had left Mom and Dad exhausted with daytime adult company, big brother’s antics and nighttime baby duties.

Her uncles and aunt were fine with the prospect of being able to hold that tiny bundle at feeding time or allowing her to sleep in their arms. After months of (strongly) persuasive discussions about having their own rooms to sleep in, my two youngest had finally evacuated my room only to have my youngest son say, “Mom, we’ll sleep down here with you so we can help you when she wakes up at night.”

I was doubtful, but I smiled at his offer.

My Pack ‘n’ Play, baby swing, and their added rocking cradle from home littered my bedroom floor in a maze of “essential equipment.” The hours passed and the darkness descended and all three of my children stretched out in my bed, leaving me the love seat closest to the baby paraphernalia.

“Little Bit” and I sat up as they snoozed. We “talked” into the wee hours as she insisted she had not been fed yet, although I was certain she was the one I’d fed. The formula level seemed to be lowering and I knew I wasn’t drinking it. Like a gerbil eating its paws, she frantically insisted that I had not fed her yet.

She seemed to say, “Would I need to do this if you had fed me?”

Although she did quiet for a bit looking wide-eyed about the room, she returned to her former stance that she had not been fed enough. My “helpers” continued to snooze through all the noise until the one with the offer to help popped his little turtle head up and said groggily, “Mom, tell her to be quiet. I’m trying to sleep here.”

Ah! So much for my help! I was going to make sure to remember this the next morning and many more days to come!

What is that saying about “best- laid plans” or “best-made plans?” People often step up to offer their help. They convincingly inform us that they will be there for us, even to let us know beforehand about a circumstance.

But just as anything else in life, things happen. A message wasn’t passed along, the reality of the responsibility was more than we had anticipated or we overextend ourselves in our humanitarian efforts. Our follow-through gets lost in other pursuits.

Sometimes, they are just offering platitudes, but how can we know that? How can they know that they are one in a line of letdowns for us?

Just before Jesus headed to the garden of Gethsemane, “Peter said to Him, ‘Even if I must die with You, I will not deny or disown You!’ And all the disciples said the same thing.” (Matthew 26:35)

Now, their intentions were good and as Jesus went to pray, he asked them all to pray only to return a second time to their sides, “…and found them sleeping, for their eyes were weighed down with sleep.” (Matthew 26:43)

Disappointed by unfulfilled promises? Yeah, you are in good company. Even Jesus was let down.

Later on, Peter even denied ever knowing the Christ. My difficulties? A mere pittance in the scheme of things.
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