St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Runge: Prayer is a gift
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Today's sermon was based on Luke 11:1-13, in which the Lord teaches us to pray. Prayer is something we need and want, but don't always use; something that can be a source of angst or comfort; something that some love and others despise; it can be considered a gift or a burden; some consider it a private thing, while others consider it a public thing; it intrigues us and it frustrates us.

This particular lesson has also led to the "Word of Faith" movement which believes if your faith is strong enough, it will give you power over God; that if you pray and your faith is strong enough, God has to give you what you pray for. This, of course, is not true.

We should not abuse prayer by praying for things that are not good; such as just praying to be wealthy or praying for evil for some other person.

Prayer is more than a tool to get what we want from God. We can turn to prayer in time of grief or other tragedy for comfort and solace. Through prayer, we can approach God, as Jesus did. We can have a conversation with God and tell him of our wants and needs. We can use prayer to give thanks and adoration to God.

Prayer is not always answered that way we want it to be. God, our Father in Heaven, knows what we need more than we do. We need to be careful about making the right request at the right time for the right reason. God, who loves us, is a better gift giver than we are, and knows what we need.

We should be grateful to God for the gift and prayer, which should not be abused.

Please join us for worship on Sunday, at 8:30 a.m. at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Runge, Texas, with Sunday School following the worship service.
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