Dogs need homes and TR needs volunteers for cleanup
by Celia Ruiz
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Buenos Dias!

Father’s Day… as L.T. looked for a special card for her dad, she smiled as she found the “perfect one!”

“Dads and Daughters Are Forever Friends.”… Your words let me know I was loved. Your hugs told me I was heard and understood. Your smiles reminded me I had a special friend in you. For as long as I can remember, Dad, you’ve been there for me - believing in me, caring about me… and playing an important role in my life that no one else could ever fill. Happy Father’s Day with love and thanks for everything.”

She simply signed it, “Thank you for being such a wonderful father! I feel so blessed having you as my Dad!”

Yes, the love of a Dad shows in so many different ways and Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to thank them if we are lucky enough to have them or to go visit them at the cemetery, as I have to do.

Some cards, like this one above, let’s us re-live the memories.

Last week’s front page coverage in The Progress showing two dogs needing foster homes shows the love and care that Darah Conard and Terry Robbins have been doing for years. When I talked to both of them when I was writing the article on Angie (Ponce) Aguilar and her grooming dog business, I could feel their dedication so that these stray animals would not “have a death sentence.”

I was reading a past issue of Guideposts and a small article showing a “Picture Perfect” photo of a puppy caught my attention.

“I wanted to adopt a puppy so I searched (internet) hoping a photo would steal my heart...Instead most made me sad.”…dogs cowered in a corner with sad eyes, dogs with startled expressions.”

So, he volunteered to take photos using better lighting, and accessorized with bows, pearls, (bandanas) and pretty backgrounds — interest in the dogs shot up!

Within weeks, dogs that had been waiting forever were adopted!

Somewhat like Angie volunteers to groom one dog a month to make it “look beautiful!” — If a picture says a thousand words…this could shout…”Adopt me!”

Does this sound like a great idea for the next Progress photo to help Darah and Terry save a stray dog’s life! ...Yes!

Can you define “litter”?

Litter is a result of some individual paying too little attention to their actions and carelessly handling waste and discarded items so it ends up on our streets, parks and waterways.

It is not just annoying and unsightly; it also scars our neighborhoods and deters investments in our community.”

With that in mind, Rose (Dove) Burch is asking for as many volunteers as possible to show up Friday, June 21, at Three Rivers City Hall so we can help to pick up litter from 8 a.m. until noon.

Can we count on you?

As Rose and I talked, I could see her concern. We are celebrating our Centennial and the 4th of July celebration is just around the corner when it is expected that we will have thousands of people in town for the celebration at the Kopplin Park.

The solution to littering is to stop it before it starts through prevention — (We need to teach our children when they are little) — It only takes small actions one person at a time to make a difference.

Each person must accept responsibility for their actions and influence the action of others around them in our homes, business, school, community and our parks.

By modeling proper trash and waste disposal, YOU CAN cause others to consider their actions too!”

We want our town of Three Rivers to look nice and clean during our Centennial celebration and hopefully, with your help we can start by volunteering this Friday June 21 from 8 a.m. until noon.

Please bring work gloves and let’s show others that we do care and show our sense of pride to resolve this!

See you there!

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