Small town attitudes
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And here I thought small towns were more congenial, friendly and helpful than cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Well, I was proved wrong.

I have a friend who is 83 years old with whom I meet for breakfast. He has had a stroke and has left side complications. Therefore, he has to be very careful how he walks; otherwise he may fall. He has fallen in the past, and it isn’t pretty. But that was in his home, and he called his neighbor for help.

This morning (Monday), we could not meet at our normal watering ground, so we went to another restaurant. Good food and nice people, not much different. Only this time, when he was walking from his car to the entrance, there was an impediment in how the sidewalk is made, and he did not raise his involved foot high enough to clear the impediment. I noticed him when I reached the door and saw him lying face down on the sidewalk. He was bloody from the scrapes he sustained. I helped him up, cleaned what we could, and the staff from the restaurant, to their credit, came out and were very helpful.

It wasn’t until we were at the emergency room that he told me that he was calling for help when a “gentleman” came out of the restaurant. He called to him for help. He said the man looked at him and continued on to his vehicle and drove away.

It took a bit to help him stand because he was not going to be able to get up by himself.

The attitudes of the big cities are not limited to the big cities, and we have them right here. It’s fortunate that this was not a life-threatening experience, but what if he had had a heart attack or another stroke instead?

Makes me think of who we are individually and from where we have come. This individual who simply walked away obviously has different values and, hopefully, different from those of the majority of the community, but does he really?

Carlos L. Lopez

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