Let’s be humane
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I want to say “thanks” to Lupe at the shelter for helping us with a dog. He came and ended up taking the dog because it turned on another in our yard. The dog seems to have lost its way and decided it wanted to be the only dog in the yard, I guess. Lupe showed great love for our animals and helped us make a right decision to have the dog put to sleep. It almost killed another older dog we had.

So with a deep love for the little dog but more for my safety and my wife’s, Lupe gave us the best advice possible – to put her down. Yes, it hurt deeply for a few hours, and still now as I type, I am tearing up about it. But I know it was best for everyone involved.

I am writing this to ask folks to support Lupe and his team who do the hardest job in town, I think – working with the animals. Let’s try and save back a little money for a new, larger shelter and get rid of the gas chamber and do the better method of injections and allow the animals to leave this world in peace and not in pain and anguish. Most of the animals put to sleep are gassed, and it is a long, dreadful way to die. It is not right; animals do have rights at least to have a chance to find a home and, if not, then at least have a painless end.

City Council, let’s try and save money to get this done, if not for our peace of mind, then for the animals. Also, injections are faster and easier on your labor costs than the cost of the gas to do the same job. I do not have numbers of actual costs, and I don’t care what it costs in the end. If we can do things better and more humanely, then let’s do.

Lupe, you’re a great person and in the right job for you – that is for sure. Your love of animals and trying hard as you are to find homes is greatly appreciated. If we call and you come, I know everything will be done properly and safely for the benefit of any animal you catch. I now wish to offer volunteer help again to your animal house. If you need somebody to sit and help clean up cages, walk dogs or work to try and save as many as we can, call me any time. I know the council has been asked repeatedly about starting a volunteer program for your section. I am offering my services to talk and help draw up a paper to use for volunteer duties. There are a lot of animal lovers; let’s speak up more and get the shelter into the new generation and make it the best in the area.

Thanks for help, Lupe; it is appreciated, and keep up the great job.

Fred Rugar

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