Make the difference in an election
by Willie C. Jones Refugio
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All year long I hear people complaining about things that go on in this town. We have the opportunity to bring change to this town by casting a simple vote. I hear all the excuses like, “they do what they want”, “I never vote”, or “my vote won’t count”. If you add up all the ones that think their vote won’t count it could make the difference in an election. In my younger days, a lot of blood was shed for the right to vote. I remember when you had to pay a poll tax to vote.

Now voting is free and you can’t get some people to get out and vote. If you want things to change in city government and in the school district you have the right to elect officials who make a difference. It would be nice for some people to get off their lazy behind and vote instead of complaining and downing everyone else. If you are 18 years or older you should get out and do your civic duty to make change. Go to council meetings and school board meetings and see how members make decisions. If you don’t like how some of them vote, you have the power to vote them out of office.

This Saturday is Election Day for the mayor, city council members and school board members. You can have a voice in how the city is run and how the school operates so please get out there and cast a vote to make a difference.

Remember if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain.

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