For our children
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This is what the elections are all about. The people we put in office, the rules they make and how they carry them out. Once a rule is made, then it rests on the discretion of one of the elected officials or one of their appointees. The problem with appointees is that these are the same people that we have voted out of office. How can we change this process?

The answer is simple: protest, protest, protest, and if that doesn’t work during election time, go out and vote and listen to the campaign pledges, not to their mudslinging; hold them accountable to their pledges. In the city, we can recall an elected official; in the county or state, it’s a lot harder to remove them, but it can be done; we can spearhead a petition in the county and send it to the attorney general. He has the power to impeach them out of their cozy nests. Our children are only human; they are bound to make mistakes, but we cannot let anyone play dirty policies or games with our children’s liberty, health or safety while they are in custody.

A lot could be prevented by answering phone calls or listening to pleas for help and not turning a deaf ear. Because when this happens, not only are the suspect’s rights violated but the parents become victims of the circumstances.

This practise in our judicial system happens when our elected officials gang up together to do their evil deeds. Gangs are not good in the neighborhood, in school, in the drug business or in our public servants; let’s put our foot down and not let this keep happening!

Cipriano C. Perez

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