Good Shepherd Lutheran Church: Walking Wet
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Comparing the deep waters of the lake of the sea to the troubles with which Jesus helps one in life was the scope of the homily based on Matthew 14, given by the Rev. Wally Schievelbein, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, on the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost.

Jesus is the rock which will sustain and protect one from the deep waters of life. Jesus, the master of the waves, exhibited this skill after the winds had blown from position the boat the disciples. When Jesus walked toward the boat, the disciples became terrified and cried out in fear.

Peter asked the Jesus command him to walk on the water to him. Jesus told Peter to come to him atop the water, but when Peter tried he became distracted by the winds and began to sink. Humans, like Peter, can be brave with faith and let themselves walk on the waters of life.

Only when faith weakens by everyday concerns and falters does Jesus lose his strength as a rock. The choice is yours.

Jesus tells one that one can walk on the waters of life. But then how can anyone proclaim faith in God and yet not believe when troubles arise. One is given the opportunities. If one never takes a chance, one won’t realize the safety net provided by faith in Jesus’ world. Strength, like Peter’s is connected with willingness “to get out of the boat” and therein take the courage to step out in faith and do the right thing.

Courage allows one to speak out on the behalf of those who are vulnerable and afraid to speak for themselves and ask the difficult questions. One must take a chance on faith with knowledge Jesus will bring everyone through to safety. Courage is exhibited each time one proclaims Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of a living God.

God will deliver and one will not be left on their own. He encourages everyone in life to walk across the waves (troubles) using faith in Him. Matthew’s gospel portrays Jesus’ disciples as people of “little faith” who fail despite their best intentions. In this gospel, Jesus will come to help, just as he helps the boatload of disciples when they were in trouble and sustains them in their time of fear and doubt.

Good Shepherd Lutheran’s congregation extends a welcome to all visitors to attend the church on the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost. The service begins at 9:30 a.m., followed by Adult Sunday School at 10:45 a.m.
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