St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Karnes City: Miracles
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When examining the miracles of Jesus it is important to view the larger picture that they create of God and God’s reign that has broken into the midst in the person of Jesus. To do otherwise is to risk getting lost in the details and turning them into a litmus test of sorts -- one of the “13 impossible things that must be believed before breakfast” (to loosely quote GK Chesterton) or having to explain them away by a feat of logical conjuring.

In Matthew 14:13-21, when Jesus feeds the 5000 men (not counting women and children), Jesus is revealing much about the character God. God is a God of compassion, a God who suffers with humans and is moved to action by suffering. This not the “unmoved mover” of the Greek and Roman philosophers or one of the gods depicted in Greek and Roman mythology who view humanity as being there for their own use and amusement. God is not a dispassionate observer of human affairs. God is moved to act (Jewish scholar Abraham Heschel refers to God as “the most moved mover”). Often that action is through human agency, no matter how modest or grudgingly offered. God calls one to live compassionately and empowers one to feed others as everyone have been so graciously fed.

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