Good Shepherd Lutheran Church: Can’t we just stay here?
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Clarifying Transfiguration Sunday when Jesus is revealed to his disciples in a mountain top experience of divine glory before he enters Jerusalem to be crucified was the main idea expressed in the homily of the Rev. Wally Schievelbein, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, on Transfiguration Sunday.

Jesus travels to a high mountain with Peter and James and his brother John where he is transfigured before them. During the change taking place before them, Peter suggests to Jesus that it would be beter for all of them if they were to build three dwellings for Jesus and Moses and Elijah. In the midst of his suggestion, a bright cloud overshadowed them and from the cloud came a voice saying, “This is my son, the beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him.” The disciples fell to the ground overcome with fear but Jesus told them “Get up and do not be afraid.”

In a new world there will be no shining sun, Jesus will be both the sun and the son of God. The message God is giving is that he is pleased because Jesus will become the light of world. Peter’s suggestion was interrupted by God but he recognized the change which was to come and Peter, like many, wished everything would stay as it is presently. God’s presence can fill one with delight and the next moment leave one awed and fearful.

As followers, the duty is to make Jesus known. Jesus gives grace to all people, even to those you might not deserve it. One is called to worship him for the grace and the salvation given. One finds they have a daily need to come back to the Lord for their strengthening of faith. One finds it important to take time for God, in whatever way is meaningful for them. God is merciful, slow to anger, but known to exhibit his wrath when he is displeased.

Lent begins Wednesday. Prepare to reflect on the highs and lows of Jesus’ passion - to delight in the triumph of Palm Sunday and experience awe in the events of Good Friday. Following the sermon, the hymn, “Shine, Jesus, Shine” was sung in which one should set their hearts on fire as nations are flooded with grace and mercy. Pray that God will grant everyone delight in his presence and comfort in his love.
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