Good Shepherd Lutheran Church: Stumbling blocks and humble walks
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Discussing the Beatitudes found in Micah 5: 1-12 where Jesus opens the sermon on the Mont by naming those who are blessed in the reign of God was the topic of the homily given by the Rev. Wally Schievelbein, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, on the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.

No one is blessed in these nine ways all the time but will be some of the time. One is them some of the time but one strives to do all of them. Times one is not right with God but his still want everyone to rejoice and be glad because the reward will be great in heaven. No matter what kind of situation one might be in, one needs to recognize it will change. Change is necessary. One looks forward in the days to come to be different. One may actually do little in the listed beatitudes but one should do their best. If you are feeling depressed, this mood will change. The change will make one stronger. No matter who bad the situation may be, time comes when you will be beyond all problems. One needs to give in all the categories because it opens the way to satisfaction and joy. It also helps cure self-centeredness.

In Micah 6: 1-8, one is instructed to find righteousness with God and be on the same path of doing what God wants. One might question what sacrifices God requests for satisfaction. Does he expect burnt offerings of young calves? Does He want thousands of rams? Does he need rivers of oil? Does He want the life of the first born?

God tells the Israelites He does not want or expect lavish sacrifices to attempt to earn divine favor. One might put demands on themselves to become what one is not and them can not live up to those expectations. Rather God empowers all people to do justice, to love loyalty to God and to walk shrewdly in God’s service. These methods begin with understanding - God is God, humans are not. Wherever one is God is with them and within them. Humans belong because they are each created by God.

Salvation is a process in which one is saved but continues to work to be saved. While God’s requirements are never burdensome, they are always unequivocal and all-encompassing. God requires total love, total trust, and total obedience. One is out of line, if one selfishly expects to live their own way without regard to the thoughts and feelings of others. One is asked to adjust both their attitudes and actions, to remember who they are and to whom they owe total allegiance.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church encourages visitors to make a choice to join the congregation on this next Sunday for the Contemporary Service at 8:30 a.m. or the Adult Sunday at 9:45 a.m. or the Traditional Service at 10:45 a.m.
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