County should focus on roads, not salaries
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I think it is about time that I said something about our county roads. I have been living in Karnes County all of my life. County Road 163 is in poor shape. It has been graded one or maybe two times this year and no repairs are being done on holes or bad spots where it is pure clay. They only cut part of the bar ditches beside the road this year and never came back to finish the job. Many of you say that you travel the areas of your voters, but how many of you come around after even just 4/10 of a rain? How many of you have even stopped at our places to see how things are? How many of you have taken notes and then gone back to your Road Superintendent and told them of your findings? In fact, how many of you even live on a county road?

I think most of you should take a 10% decrease in your pay then you would have money to buy material for roads without clay. We all pay taxes on our properties. You are also getting money from Eagle Ford from our road from taxes. Why can’t you do something with rock and clay roads? It really looks bad for our county just getting raises and no action. If you are not satisfied with your pay, step down. Someone will take your place for less money. There are more than six people traveling this road that are over 65 years of age plus are Eagle Ford people. Where do you think your money is coming from...taxpayers. We are getting tired of seeing petty squabbles being printed in the newspaper of things are of no importance and just plain childish. Time to get back to the jobs that all of you were voted in for, taking care of business. It is time to use your common sense, Commissioners, the good Lord will continue to bless the whole Karnes County.

Otto M. Thiele, Jr.
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