St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Karnes City: Build bridges, not walls
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The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18:9-14) provides a classic reversal of the expected outcome. Pharisees were notably pious, religious folk who were quite rigorous in their following of the Law of Moses; tax collectors were considered traitors and thieves, collaborators with the occupying Romans, who made their living by collecting exorbitant rates above and beyond what their Roman overlords required. Yet, Jesus says, it was the tax collector who returned to his home justified in the sight of God and not the Pharisee.

The prayer of the tax collector admits who he is and asks for God’s grace. The prayer of the Pharisee sounds more like the recitation of a résumé. The Pharisee demonstrates no need of God or God’s grace. The Pharisee uses his religious accomplishments to build a wall between himself and others (like the tax collector). When in proper relationship with God ones acts of piety and devotion can become a bridge to others as one is led to realize a mutual need for God and God’s gracious love. Build bridges, not walls!

St. Paul’s News and Notes: The people of St. Paul’s are partners with the Karnes City Schools to provide school supplies and backpacks of food to provide meals on the weekends for needy students. St. Paul’s will be hosting 5th Quarter after the home football game this Friday, Nov. 1.
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