Whipping Boy
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Jeff Wiatrek (former road and bridge administrator) was used by at least two commissioners as their whipping boy.

There is no way you are going to tell me they were not involved with the San Antonio River situation.

These commissioners are trying to micromanage every department of the county especially the road and bridge department.

Now they want to hire an engineer at about $75,000 to $100,000 salary to do the job.

This will never work.

He will play favors with one or two commissioners and you know that will happen.

What needs to be done is to get rid of the unit system and go back where each commissioner takes care of his roads and his constituents.

What are they doing now? Just trying to look important and they are not. Three of the four commissioners (before they became commissioners) wanted to cut the salaries of the commissioners because they said they were not doing nothing.

Now they are commissioners and you don’t hear a word about cutting their salaries. You guys know who I am talking about: Pete Jauer, Shelby Dupnik and Tracey Schendel.

Let’s get back to the old system and make these guys responsible for their precincts. The money is there. The unit system to date is spending over twice as much as the old system and it will continue to get higher.

The people of Karnes County voted for the unit system because they were misled by Robert Busselman (former county attorney).

He said the county did not need all the equipment, that the county could sell all of the equipment and save lots of money. He said the county could save millions of dollars and the commissioners would cut their salaries.

People of Karnes County, this is not happening or will never happen.

Let’s get back to the old system where the commissioners will answer to their constituents. If they don’t - vote them out.

God bless the people of Karnes County.

Isidro “Stormy” Rossett

Commissioner (Retired)
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