Heard, Zengerle thanked for service
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I’d like to thank Dr. Mark Heard and Dr. Claire Zengerle for their 18 years of service (gratis) as Goliad County EMS Medical Directors; and would also like to apologize to them on behalf of Goliad County constituents who do not share the same view points as their own county officials.

I have never attended Commissioner’s Court because their meetings take place at 9 a.m., inconvenient for a full-time employed person. Until the last two sessions, I was clueless to the proceedings and “politics” amongst the officials: none of their antics were flattering, I was very disappointed at the non-contribution of one commissioner and outraged at the disrespectful, sarcastic attitude of our county judge when speaking to one of the commissioners, as well as the county attorney.

If you were in court you would know that not all EMS personnel were sitting with Ms. Fonseca (EMS administrator) but some were, in fact, sitting with Dr. Claire Zengerle. Why?

Ms. Fonseca is Goliad County Emergency Management Coordinator, works with Homeland Security, and is the “middleman” for setting up an ER in Goliad, but is she available for her “crew” when they need her?

The EMS Policy & Procedures, Protocols: “discrepancies and inconsistencies” were found in these. Ms. Fonseca stated they were last updated in 2011. Why so long ago?

This is in no way an attack upon Ms. Fonseca’s medical knowledge. I am questioning her availability, as EMS administrator, to perform the administrative duties assigned. From what I gathered, the issue is not the EMS system itself, but is rather the administration and supervision of that system.

I ask and plead that Goliad County constituents (taxpayers) ask their county officials hard questions and give them your thoughts on any matter, whether they take you seriously or not. Matters such as a possible “emergency room” run by a private, for profit organization (Detar Hospital); this type of medical facility is not a walk-in clinic and is definitely not cheaper than a rural health clinic.

Basically, if patients don’t pay, they don’t collect, and they can’t make money; consequently, they close the doors, thus leaving Goliad County with an empty building, with dust collecting on expensive, unused equipment furnished by the taxpayers.

Each citizen is given the awesome power to vote; make it count. God gives you a voice, let it be heard.

Delia Guerrero Semander, Goliad County
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