Defeating the fear factor
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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I started a column a week ago with the words, “By the time this is published in the paper, I will have returned from a trip I took “all by my lone.” I never finished that particular column, though, because so many other aspects of life and living got in the way.

I pulled a “Chris” and had so many things to do in the process of leaving that I overwhelmed myself and wasn’t quite as cautious as I should have been in my activities. I ended up with a scratched cornea – my eye swelled up, got red, watered and hurt in a major way.

Driving to Houston and then in a strange town was a safety issue I did not wish to push, especially when all I wanted to do was sit with my eyes shut. (I was informed, too, that the weather on the other end was horrific, so there was a good reason for the circumstances leading to my cancellation.)

Pulled a Chris? Well, just before our trips wherever and whenever, he made it a point to clean the water troughs for the cattle. It might have been six months between our week-long vacations, but in the days prior he had a laundry list which included the troughs, which had me standing by in amused observation of his activities.

I didn’t try to stop him or change his methodology in any way – it was a part of who he was and I loved all of him – even these little habits. I’m pretty much the same way, to be honest.

Regarding the trip, I’d asked for prayer for safe travel and a friend of mine chuckled and asked, “Why are you afraid of flying?”

I am, really. I have a hard time with flying because I cannot control the outcome. I hope the pilot is on his/her “A” game and not distracted by outside issues.

I hope that no one wants to make a stand on any particular issues with my life in the balance. I hope the mechanics were thorough in their “look see” over the plane’s mechanical well-being.

There are just so many opportunities for both good and bad and I know there are in ground travel as well, but I travel that daily –flying is out of my comfort zone and infrequent, to say the least. My fear comes down to trust and faith.

We speak of walking in faith through Jesus. There are a lot of variables in our lives as we live and grow.

I remember when my boys were united with their biological mother before returning to us for good. It was two months of immense heartache for me. I cried at the drop of a hat, but had to keep turning that back over to God each time it came across my thoughts.

I stayed as busy as I could so I wouldn’t think about it. Then I had to say, “God, You know what You are doing. I trust You to do what is best and help me to deal with whatever You have in store for all of us. Watch over the boys and guard their hearts and ours ...”

That is what I’ve had to do throughout much of my adult life. Some “things” are out of my control and I am not even concerned with planks in my eye or specs in another. I am just dealing with myself.

I can be a handful sometimes – really! I have to keep returning to the source of all, forget my stubborn pride, my will and allow God to work through me for His purpose.

Walking in faith is not always easy, but when we know that God always works for our ultimate good it settles a lot of fears that may arise – whether founded or not.

Then I think on this for the week, “… let them say continually, ‘Let the Lord be magnified. Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.’ ” (Psalm 35:27)

Know too, that prosperity is found in more than just monetary gain. Have a blessed week.
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