’Tis season to let things go
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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I took my own advice and spent the day doing absolutely nothing. Well, that is after I washed a load of towels, played musical refrigerators, cleaning them as I went and the floors under two of three, and then returned home to re-stock the new (used and smaller) replacement fridge for the previous one.

As I looked at the smaller version, I thought about a time when people had no refrigerators - in fact, there was a time that my older two children and I lived in a house with no refrigerator!

I was a single mom, attending college, working part-time and renting a house near Schroeder. Life was challenging, but I never gave up and we improvised.

We used an ice chest until a kind-hearted lady told me she thought of me as she pulled ice cream out of her spare freezer and suddenly was struck with the thought of me with no refrigerator. Now, I am the one with two - one exclusively for all the drinks and snacks so my children will stay out of the household one.

A newer one I’d bought has found a new home at my son’s house and I took his smaller, “less suitable for a family” refrigerator. The third moved fridge went to a house down the street. I emptied a crate of china I’d had sitting in my bedroom since I’d moved in two years ago and made some brownies for the kids for when they got home from school.

Then I sat down and ate breakfast that I prepared at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, never getting to my morning walk. Hard to imagine some days where the time goes.

And now the holidays are upon us.

I received a text about going Christmas tree shopping and I am working that into my non-schedule as well. My son and his family and my younger three and I will all look together.

I have a conference to attend and then I come back to finish preparations for Thanksgiving, a weekend in Dallas and then the Christmas tree shopping and decorating and I can feel the rush of the breeze as I lap myself.

Seriously, folks, this is just one task - the dance of the refrigerators - that had to be done and it took the better part of the day. I spoke with a friend who called and as I looked around at the work still to be done, I was deflated.

She laughed and said, “My gosh, you are getting a lot done!”

I was going to argue with her, but I realized that we tend to put ourselves in a position of thinking we wear capes. As the hero costume designer character from “The Incredibles” said, “No capes!”

As we fritter about attempting to accomplish monumental amounts of “to-do” lists for ourselves and heap some of our overflow onto others, we get tangled up in our capes which stymies our efforts.

So, I have decided to make another effort to stop beating myself up because I am not Wonder Woman. (Oh, that I were!)

But I’m not. I am a child of the Most High and He has instructed me to remember, once in a while, to “Let be and be still, and know that I am God, ...!” (Psalm 46:10)

OK, so deep-cleansing breath here and let “it” go.

Whatever has you tangled in your cape, let it be and be still for a moment. A prayer on a plaque in my front hall reminds me to come before God once in a while, not to ask for anything but to thank Him. So, thank you, Lord, not for anything in particular - just thank you.

In the coming season of hope, my wish is for, OK, world peace, yes (Miss Congeniality!) but more importantly that each of us can find a peaceful moment to allow our joy to calm our spirits and remember the reason for the season.

God bless you and yours.
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