Don’t let yourself be disconnected
by Grace In Goliad by Dr. Ira Antoine
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When was the last time you heard, “You have reached the customer service department of XYZ company. We are sorry all customer service representatives are working with other customers at this time, but your call is very important to us so please don’t hang up. The next available representative will be without momentarily.”

So you wait for the next the customer service representative to come on the line. After 30 seconds you hear, “Please don’t hang up. Your call is very important to us. The next available representative will be you momentarily.”

This goes on for five more minutes with 30-second interruptions letting you know that momentarily someone will be with you. Some of us wait patiently for the first five minutes (just some of us) while others are ready to hang up and forget all about it. But after 10 and 20 minutes of waiting, even the Jobs of this world become frustrated and disappointed.

So it is with life. We often pray to God for something knowing that only He can give us the desires of our hearts. But you feel like you are on hold for eternity. Your hopes and desires are delayed, which can often lead to disappointment. Some of us become depressed and despondent. We are ready to hang up.

Here is how the Proverb writer puts it. “Delayed hope makes the heart sick.” - Proverbs 13:12a

What do you do while you wait? Let me offer a few suggestions.

First, don’t hang up on God. You never want to lose connection through prayer, scripture reading and fellowship. That will only frustrate you more because you are disconnected from only True Source that can help you.

Second, get yourself ready for the response. Make sure you are living according to God’s will and way for your life. It is easy to just yield yourself to God’s Holy Spirit.

Third, know that delayed hope is not a denied request. Too often God’s delay in responding is interpreted as God’s denial. We must know the difference.

Lastly, don’t try to fix it yourself. There are times when we try to fix the matter we are calling about only to make things worse. Now, you have two (maybe even more) problems to have worked out.

But someone comes along and tells you, “Thank you for holding. I am here to help you.”

Read how the Proverb writer concludes the thought as recorded in The Message Bible “…but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

Don’t despair. Life will turn around for your good and it will be refreshing and renewing. It will be worth the wait. And according to Proverbs 13:19, “Desire realized is sweet to the soul.”

Be blessed.

Dr. Ira Antoine is the senior pastor at Goliad’s Minnehulla Baptist Church
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