Getting stronger while limping along
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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This past week was the week we would have celebrated another birthday for my late husband.

I would rather not have thought of it at all, but my husband was a twin, so we had his sister to consider. The kids and I got together and found some things to give to their aunt and we took her to lunch and visited for a bit.

It just so happens that my late husband’s propensity to avoid candles because they were a fire hazard did not rub off on his sister! It’s a good thing because each of the kids picked out a candle that was the best-smelling one for Aunt Betty.

She mentioned, as she opened the first one not knowing what the other bags held, that she had just run out of candles and was about to go out and purchase more. I smiled and told her that I thought we had her covered for a few months, anyway.

She was appropriately appreciative of each of the children’s thoughtfulness in the scents they chose and the color choices. They launched into their stories of their search for the perfect candle. Then the story of the gift bag selection came with little sister telling all about how the boys were going to try to give their aunt a “boy” bag with Spiderman or Turbo on it. Her eyes were big with the audacity of those boys dripping from her rendition.

You think I’m a good story teller? You need to listen to my 6-year-old! She would say it was “huh-larious.” This could be where I launch into the “better to give than receive” topic, or “the thought that counts,” but I won’t - this time. I’m thinking more along the lines of everything happening for a reason.

My visit to Dallas recently has my friend calling, texting and sending me pictures of her grandson, who, by the way is absolutely adorable (he took to me, so he must have good taste - right?) and even looking at homes in the area and filling me in on jobs in their schools.

I have been running through these things in my mind. Do I stay or do I go? Do I look for work or continue my hiatus and stay home with the kids?

Someone jokingly told me about a friend of theirs they’d like to introduce me to. Do I even really want that?

Other friends say that my late husband set the bar high for any man who may be in my future and I have to agree. In every aspect of our lives, we can find a crossroad. Shall I take the quickest way or scenic route? Consume the salad plate for my health or the chicken-fried steak for my soul? Show another mercy or read them the riot act? Acknowledge or ignore them?

The bottom line is am I living up to God’s design for me? We can’t always tell. Sometimes we just limp along until we can get it all sorted out.

I’m thinking of this passage I came across out of the book of Genesis. “And as he passed Penuel (Peniel), the sun rose upon him and he was limping because of his thigh.” (Genesis 32:31)

The story behind this is our willingness to allow God to work through us even in our weakest times; our most imperfect times. In these times of uncertainty and sometimes even the poor decision-making, God can use us, bless us, or have us become a blessing for someone else.

My limping through this week may have helped another limping soul and I am glad we had the chance to visit and celebrate the joy of living, even when I didn’t feel like celebrating.
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