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After reading your Aug. 20, article, I would like to propose a change to your title to ‘CBC board, Espinoza present balanced budget on the backs of the students’. The budget which passed 3 to 2 at the Aug. 20 board meeting is balanced in that expenses did not exceed revenues, but a closer look at the budget shows some alarming trends with excessive cuts to instructional spending and huge increases to administrative spending.

Instructional and library spending, which pays for instructors, classroom supplies, travel and other operating expenses has decreased $3,125,230 from base year 2012 to the 2015 year budget. The cut for the 2015 budget to instruction is $590,000. Administration and overhead spending has increased $573,699 from base year 2012 to the 2015 year budget. The increase for 2015 budget to administration is $876,000.

During the reign of Dr. Espinoza, the spending pattern of the total budget has gone from 37% spent on instruction to 22% spent on instruction. One of the board members who voted for the budget even quipped something along the lines that “administration needs to be larger than instruction because they do so much.” I ask, “Who will teach the classes?”

The students care about having qualified instructors in classes; I have never heard a student bemoan the lack of administrators. Prudent budgeting and financial management means you spend your money in areas that generate revenue; for a college, that is instruction. Students in seats generate revenue. Administration is a necessary cost center, but to spend more money on overhead then on your product is a great way to go bankrupt.

Bee County taxpayers need to know that three board members voted to increase your property taxes to fund the administrative bloat. There will be public tax hearings in the Coastal Bend College board room on Aug. 25 and Sept. 3 at 5:30 p.m. The old board did not listen to those of you who voted for change in May; maybe they will listen if you stop them on the street or make comments at the hearings.

Jeanene S. Jones, CPA
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