Eating after 8 p.m. can cause issues
by Megan Edwards
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Megan Edwards
Megan Edwards
We all like to eat and, from time to time, eat later in the evening due to maybe a late lunch or maybe catching a movie before dinner. But did you know that there are health issues associated with eating after 8 p.m.? If you develop a habit of eating after 8 p.m., studies have shown that four things can develop:

1. Nighttime heartburn – The fact is eating late nights maintains the busyness of your stomach. It continues to manufacture gastric acids in excessive proportions. Shortly after taking food, there’s a big chance the acids are forced into the lower esophageal sphincter. This will irritate the latter and will surely result in heartburn.

2. Troubled sleep – research shows that your eating habits can affect the quality of sleep. People who eat late can’t sleep deep. It’s because your stomach is still working hard to digest your food when you go to bed. Ideally, at bedtime, your stomach should be resting, recuperating. Sleep deprivation slows down metabolism that leads to quicker weight gain.

3. Weight Gain – Research results prove there’s a relation between eating (especially huge meals) late in the evening and weight gain. Eating late causes the rising of triglyceride levels that can signal the body to store more fat to be used in producing energy. Since there’s almost nil physical activity in the evenings, the fats produced stay in the body and are not being burned.

4. Overeating – When you eat past 8 p.m. you are most probably too hungry and are forgetting about caloric intake. Because you need to satisfy yourself after the long gap from your last meal, you devour more food than needed. This ensures having stored fat in your system.

So, next time you find yourself eating after 8 p.m., you understand why you have a few issues going on as well.
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