Godzilla: The return of king of monsters
by Paul Gonzales
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“Godzilla” is playing in both 2D and 3D at Rio 6 Cinemas, 806 E. Houston St. in Beeville.
“Godzilla” is playing in both 2D and 3D at Rio 6 Cinemas, 806 E. Houston St. in Beeville.
BEEVILLE – This is the Godzilla movie fans have been waiting for. In 1998, we were treated to an Americanized, overwrought “Jurassic Park” rip-off featuring Ferris Bueller as a worm scientist along with the American army, seemingly comprised of nitwits, battling Godzilla as he terrorized New York.

Sure, there was tons of destruction (mostly caused by the Army) which was to be expected because that’s director Roland Emmerich’s forte, but the design of the titular monster and the film’s obvious ignorance of everything that made Godzilla a beloved classic cinema creature left that version to be quickly erased in fans’ collective minds.

Well, not before he appeared as ‘Zilla’ in the Japanese film “Godzilla: Final Wars” and immediately gets his spiky tail handed to him by the original Japanese creation.

But as soon as the 2014 “Godzilla” begins, we know we’re in for something quite different.

During the title sequence we catch glimpses of Godzilla’s origin and his history without spending an hour of the film painstakingly explaining his creation.

Then we’re introduced to the human elements of the story: the father played by Bryan Cranston, the mother played by Juliette Binoche and the son who grows up to be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

No names are particularly necessary to the film as they basically act as a narrative thread to get you to all the Godzilla goodness.

You can’t really explain too much of the plot without giving it all away, but it must be said that everything you’ve seen so far in the film’s trailers are purposefully misleading.

It does take a while for Godzilla to show up in all his glory, but the build-up is well worth it when you finally see the main attraction.

And it’s awe-inspiring.

Never once have we seen Godzilla like this. The way he would look in real life, as if he was towering over you. The reveal sent the sold-out theater crowd into uproarious applause.

This is Godzilla. And this is who you came to see.

The entire movie actually plays out like the original ’50s films. You can almost watch them side-by-side and feel the nostalgia wash over you as you realize this is your Godzilla, brought to life in the way you’ve always imagined him.

The sound needs to be mentioned as it’s stunning. To hear Godzilla’s roar, reworked and made even better in surround sound, is amazing, but I suppose it depends on the theater in which you watch it and the condition of their sound system. Nonetheless, it should give you an eargasm.

The score is also most impressive. It’s almost a campy ’50s sci-fi score for a cheesy alien movie, but with subtle touches and nuances that actually add so much more charisma and scope to the film and the hero that it may cause you to stand up and cheer during numerous parts of the film.

Now, there are some cinema-goers who prefer not to sit through 3D movies because of eye fatigue (and this movie will more than likely cause that), but when will you ever see Godzilla as he would appear right before your eyes? That alone is worth the small 3D price bump.

Godzilla is a pretty solid film all-in-all but is without a doubt a perfect Godzilla film.

And it’s always just nice to hang out with an old friend who’s been gone way too long. Even if he does destroy entire cities, breathes fire and may just end up stepping on you by accident.

“Godzilla” is playing in both 2D and 3D at Rio 6 Cinemas, 806 E. Houston St. in Beeville.

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